Our Mission

The mission of our trust is to enhance the health of newborn babies by preventing birth defects and reduce infant mortality rate. The Birth defect preventive program carries out this mission through programs like research, community services, education and advocacy.

Our goals include diagnosing certain birth defects prenatally and to bring out many advances in treating birth defects before the babies are born. It includes vaccinations against diseases like rubella and education on the ill effects due to use of tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy or when trying to conceive. Implement food fortification strategies for the prevention of birth defects.

Low cost preventive interventions for birth defects form a routine component of preconception pregnancy care. So now the program starts with a public awareness campaign called 'Go Folic before you frolic,' to educate women of childbearing age on the value of taking pre - conception folic acid supplements, since this can prevent some particular birth defects.

The four priority areas we concentrate for birth defects prevention are
  • Prevention of Folate deficiency

  • Prevention of Congenital heart defects

  • Alcohol exposed pregnancy

  • Enhancing newborn screening data and programmes.

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