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Doctors set out to 'seal' cleft lip
By Express News Service - CHENNAI
Published: 09th September 2013 08:52 AM
Last Updated: 09th September 2013 08:52 AM
Children born out of consanguineous marriages are more prone to cleft lip and palate, a common congenital malformation of the body, said doctors at the launch of a health program called Anamaya, in the city recently. They claimed that this defect was prevalent in the country, especially the Southern region, as the practice of consanguineous marriage is widely prevalent here. However, this can be prevented, they felt.

In order to create awareness about these factors and the preventive measures, Dr Shreekala, along with her team of Chennai-based doctors, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontist, oral pathologist, pediatrician and geneticist, launched Anamaya, which means defect free in Sanskrit.

The main objective of this program is to lend a helping hand to those suffering from the disorder, and to prevent and eradicate it completely by creating awareness among young women.

The program was officially launched in the presence of Maria Tolarova, a pediatrician from San Francisco, who is a pioneer in the field of cleft research and started a program called Indo Pacific Cleft Prevention Program.

The organisers of Anamaya have joined hands with her to start this Indo-Pacific Cleft Lip prevention program.

It is said that this congenital anomaly can happen due to several factors like genetic, socio-economic, maternal nutrition and environmental. Keeping aside the environmental factors, it is said that all other factors are preventable and Indian women are more susceptible to these preventable factors.

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