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Anamaya-The indo pacific cleft prevention program

Shreekala, P. Karthika, P. Elavenil, Ameliachristabel, Mohanavalli, Manikandhan, V. B. Krishnakumar Raja and Marie Tolarova Anamaya, India

Cleft lip and palate anomalies are a serious health problem in India. The birth prevalence of clefts in India is estimated as 1 in 800 life birth, so every year somewhere between 27, 000 and 33, 000 babies are born with this serious birth defect.

This presentation is about ANAMAYA, a multi centre cleft prevention program initiated and founded in India whose aim is to create a “birth defect free” India.

The main objectives are:

1. To prevent occurrences of cleft lip and palate in general population
2. To prevent recurrences of cleft lip and palate in high risk population
The vision of this programme is to create awareness among the public, colleges and schools regarding the risk factors which lead to cleft lip and palate anomalies through camps, counseling, educational tours, media etc, to train and engage professionals to create awareness campaigns, create registry on individuals affected with a cleft that will include family history and maternal nutritional information, design and use cleft prevention protocol to prevent recurrence of cleft lip and palate in high-risk group of patients, treat and rehabilitate cleft lip and palate patients, promote further research in the field of prevention of clefts, educate children affected with a cleft to reduce the school dropouts, influence governmental policies to introduce and implement prevention methods and contribute to establish the actual incidence of cleft lip and palate anomalies in India.
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